A year to the day

One year ago it was my first day after discharge from my local acute psychiatric ward where I had been an inpatient for seven months. There have been a lot of changes since then.

Notes and more

Why patient care is being hampered by a lack of joined up notes between Trusts and how it isn’t the person that’s flawed in any case of personality disorder.

Feelings aren't wrong

EUPD emotions may be a little more extreme than most people’s but they’re not wrong. We have as much right to feel as anybody else and so too does everyone with a mental health condition.

Public speaking

This morning I attended the West London Mental Health Trust nursing conference and stood up in a room full of over 100 professionals to speak about my experiences over the past twelve months - here’s how it went.

Anxious and fearful

Today is the final day before my admission to the specialist personality disorder hospital and anxiety doesn't come close to describing what I am feeling right now.